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About Us

Annelies de Kater and Tom Schleich are a husband and wife team who share an intense passion for wilderness and landscape photography. In recent years, Tom and Annelies have explored and photographed pristine wilderness areas in Alaska, the high Arctic, Iceland, and Antarctica. 

Annelies’ Biography

Annelies, South Georgia Island, 2007

Annelies’ imagination is captivated by wilderness.  She uses photography to convey her passionate feelings about these special and rapidly vanishing places.  Focusing on both the near and far she searches for inspirational juxtapositions of form and color.  While color is Annelies’ medium of choice, she does delve at times into monochrome. 

Annelies has been photographing since her grandfather gave her a Brownie camera many decades ago.  Over the years, photography turned into a fervent passion. Annelies uses small format digital cameras. Her photography has been exhibited in a number of West Coast galleries and other venues. She is also a member of the ImageMakers of Monterey.

Tom’s Biography

Tom, Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic, 2006

Tom’s favorite photographic venues include wilderness, the abstract detail of intimate patterns in nature, the near landscape, of trees and water, and also doorways, windows, and walls of ancient villages and towns.  He works in both monochrome and color.  For many of his photographic images Tom moves in close to the landscape, and by isolating an object or cluster of objects from its surroundings, attempts to communicate his personal response to a particular scene.  Tom first started photographing in high school many decades ago.  He has taught photography at UC Santa Cruz, and exhibited in Bear Valley, Carmel, Fresno, Woodside, Pacific Grove, and Santa Cruz, California.  He is also a member of the ImageMakers of Monterey.

In the past Tom has employed traditional silver gelatin printing, platinum and palladium alternative processes, and Ilfochrome printing techniques. Currently he uses small format digital capture, processing and printing methodologies. 

Tom and Annelies live in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Scotts Valley together with their cats Vega and Sid and Alaskan Malamute dog, Taku.

Recent Photographic Venues

Snapshots of Tom and Annelies’ recent photographic adventures (clockwise from upper left):

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Iceland, 2004;  Kayak expedition, Glacier Bay National Park at Lamplough Glacier, 2005;  Rafting the Kongakut River, approaching the Beaufort Sea, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, 2005;  Kayaking near ice floes, Alexandra Fiord, East side of  Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada, 2006. 


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